When All Else Fails, Blame the Victim

Has anyone else noticed lately how those committing, advocating for, or orchestrating violence against minorities are rewarded?

The past few months have been especially mind-boggling, mostly because state governments seem to be forcing their citizenry into bizarrely sadistic square dances, all the while spinning some hidden roulette wheel and waiting to see where the ball lands–and which of the dancers become the next target.

Swing your partner round and round,

Throw the minority to the ground

Just hope they don’t make a sound,

As the bullet chamber voids another round.

Eyes, ears, and hearts have been glued to Florida as so many awaited the verdict. I’d hoped that the jury would see through the scare tactics, would realize the defense was doing nothing but attempting to paint Trayvon in a less than flattering light–as if occasional profanity, hooded or loose clothing, or photos on social media warranted the brutal, excessive, disgusting act of injustice that stole his last breath.

How can people be so gullible? How can the jurors look themselves in the mirror knowing they gifted a known violent man–someone with a history of violence toward authorities and family members–with freedom?

And how can anyone celebrate the verdict?

A boy is dead. His death is what Zimmerman apologists and revelers are celebrating: not Zimmerman; not the verdict. They celebrate violence: violence against minorities; violence they now know they can get away with if they hold their guns close enough, align themselves with fat cats, and argue that they are the victims–not the dead.

Because, in their eyes, cases like Trayvon’s prove the dead elicited the violence.

They deserved it.

Just like a black man deserves to be highly surveilled.

Just like a woman deserves to carry the child of her rapist.

Just like a trans man deserves to be accosted at his job.

Bigots and fear-mongers know that the spotlight on Trayvon’s case will dim soon enough–that a white celebrity will die, or a rich white kid will go missing, and all attention will be turned away.

Which will be enough time for them to play neighborhood sentry: taunt the gay boy next door, nag the black neighbor, intimidate the Planned Parenthood employee who just moved in across the street–all the while keeping a hand behind their back, a finger on the trigger.

Hoping for a response. For resistance.

6 Replies to “When All Else Fails, Blame the Victim”

  1. I was really sickened when I heard the verdict to this case. I couldn’t believe the jury had decided for Zimmerman. The kid was just out to buy some Skittles for God’s sake, he was accosted by a white racist, and he ended up dead. How is this justice?

      1. Heard this morning on Rachel Maddow that they might try to prosecute him for a hate crime. I really hope they’re able to work that out and make it stick.

  2. We’ve gotten to this point where those on the right think ” official discrimination isn’t codified into law,ergo it doesn’t exist anymore.” What world are these people living in? Maybe blatant in your face racism is no longer acceptable but the subtle & more invidious sort is still thriving. The only good things that might arise from this miscarriage of justice is hopefully a frank dialogue on race,class & how it still shapes our world. And maybe a repeal of these horrible “stand your ground” laws.

    1. That’s for sure! Hopefully more dialogue will spring from these wells of insanity and inform more intelligent motions in the future!

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