The Little Mundane Bits

Y’all know I’ve been spending more time at home.

And for one obvious reason.

So maybe that’s why I’ve been paying more attention to the mundane tasks that soak up 99% of my day. (Yes, even you gainfully employed folks spend an inordinate amount of time doing the daily grind.)


Now, I’ve had plenty of time to reflect on such things that fall on my daily “To Do” list. And even some of the tools that make corralling the tangible products of said tasks that much more manageable (and prettier).

But I’ve never really taken any real time to acknowledge a few bobbles and bits that keep me sane, clean, and in check. That I use in a mechanical, robotic way.

So, without further ado, here we go.

French Press: Thank you for being there. Without you, I probably would’ve been incarcerated long ago for smacking an a-whole, or someone of their ilk, upside their head.

Always pressed. Always loved.

Soap Dispenser: Even though you’re mass-produced and not super special, I enjoy how easy you are to use. Especially your patience in dealing with the bazillion pumps I must inflict upon you to quiet those OCD ticks. (Just don’t screw up like your cooler predecessor; otherwise, you’re kaput.)

Dispensed daily. But reliable.

Notepads. Whether you’re a pad permanently borrowed from an old office because the least they could’ve done was keep you constantly in our lives after such a horrible experience, or Post Its (oh, Post Its), you keep the crazy lists contained.

Your utility is noted.

Kitchen Stuff. Y’all are too numerous to thank individually. But I’ll throw the spotlight on a few. First and foremost, Fiestaware, we always talk about you because we love you. And use the bejesus out of you and your Riviera and Harlequin cousins.

Fiestaware, we love thee. And Riviera. And Harlequin.

Fiesta teacups, y’all get a special shout-out. Because evening tea time has become a tradition in our very non-traditional household.

Fiesta tea time!

But every now and then, we need something stronger than tea. So, Name Your Poison Glasses, we salute thee.

Name Your Poison. Daily or whenever the doctor prescribes it. And, lest we forget, the solid, possible zombie defense weapons: Cast Iron Cookware. You’re solid, sometimes finicky and labor intensive, always heavy, but so worth not ingesting all the lovely chemicals your modern counterparts contain. And you cook so evenly!

Sturdy standbys.Last, but certainly not least, the one, the only, Fiestaware Knife Set! I don’t care what they (meaning Julia Child) may say about stainless steel knives, because you’re lovely (and totally worth nearly taking out a curmudgeonly elderly woman standing between us).

Cutting to the fabulous bone.

Now, just a few more.

Like you, Fabulous Serpentine Deco Vanity Tray. Sure, you may have had a few lines sniffed off of you in the past. Now, though, all you have to worry about is looking pretty and supporting an entire tea service nightly.

Deco fabulousness is even better when it's used.

Or you, wonderfully useful Bedside Lamps that I’ve lacked for way too long. Even though Andy originally hated you both because y’all supposedly looked like you once graced a bordello, he warmed to you. Perhaps by force. Perhaps because he appreciates you now.

MCM lamps are quirky and fun. Even if they look like they may fit right in at a bordello.

Finally, we’re here.

The end.

Pointing out the things I use every single day, but usually take for granted to some degree, might be slightly annoying (especially if you stayed with me through this entire post). But I think it’s these little details that make little nooks in our home that much more functional and enjoyable.

Sure, who doesn’t have a soap dispenser in their bathroom? Or a favorite set of dishware?

The thing is, we’re often so driven by our stuff–and sometimes smothered by it–that we forget why we got it in the first place. Or why it’s followed us throughout our lives.

So even if it’s a go-to chopping knife, or a fun trinket you see every single day, remember to acknowledge the bit of oomph it gives you to go about your day.

A memory vehicle. During our massive cull, I saved one of my favorites. Because I pulled this out of the muck with my paternal grandfather, who'd taken me to a neighbor's drainage ditch filled with mostly buried toy cars (from a very destructive child who used to live nearby). We spent the entire day digging them all out and cleaning them.

And if it doesn’t do that anymore, ask yourself if it’s time for it to find a home where it will be just that for someone else.

Because life’s too short to drown yourself in meaningless stuff.

So make sure everything that surrounds you–that creates that haven from work, from crazy social obligations, from the daily grind–helps balance you out.

So that your eyes can dance from one cherished, memory-rich piece to another.

So that you can absorb the good times wrapped up within those pieces.

So that the memories and the vehicles for them fuse to create something warm and inviting.

Andy loved this Deco frame immediately. I liked it. But now that we have something to go in it, I love it. And the memories associated with it. And the guy I'm standing beside.

Something that reminds you that you’re home.

4 Replies to “The Little Mundane Bits”

  1. When I see the Yellow Brick header, I have to stop everything and come here to read and see what part of yourself you have chosen to share. And I’m always glad I have come and can spend a few minutes inside your head and soul as you share so beautifully that I feel for a moment I am a part of you as well. And your gift usually opens a door for me to my inner feelings. I thank you for opening doors.

  2. Well,Linda said it so much more cogently & beautifully than I ever could. It’s very generous of you to share your life with us Matt. You’re very relatable & natural- which is a rare combination. You also have a great eye for striking items- though I have to agree with Andy about those boudoir lamps. Maybe they would grow on me,too…

    1. HAHAHAHA! Andy will appreciate that 😉

      Linda always has something kind and heartfelt to say, because she’s amazing. It’s fun to be open–there’s less to be worried about that way. I’m just glad some of it is interesting and not too eye-roll worthy!

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