Home Sweet Homo

Welcome to Yellow Brick Missives: my queer commentary about daily life and random things that trump my ADD and hold my interest!

And what holds my interest, you ask?

Well, political rants and design raves, with bitch sprinkles on top, of course!

Bitch Sprinkles and Glitter Bombs

As trite and cliché as it is to write, we’re all trying to channel our inner Tim Gunn and make it work. Especially we twenty- to thirty-somethings, who have come to the realization that our generation is screwed by economic windfalls and sociopolitical incursions into our personal lives.

And I couldn’t think of a better way to cope than blasting my life across cyber space.

2 thoughts on “Home Sweet Homo

  1. Just discovered your blog, and will be spending this long rainy Seattle afternoon going through the archives. I should be doing other things (my taxes, clean the basement) but this is much more fun.

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