Between the Sheets

Y’all remember when the amazing Katie of Domestiphobia came by and did an Apartment Therapy photoshoot of our beloved Raleigh apartment?

(If you didn’t, CHECK IT OUT. Now. Seriously.)

Well, the biggest embarrassment we listed has now been addressed.

Y’all can go back to your lives. (You’re welcome.)

Because, now, we have nice sheets.

Time for a change!


Yes, sheets!


Sheets are very important.

You should have a good relationship with your sheets.

Because they know you.

They really know you.

*Creepy giggles*

And yet, we don’t give’em their due.

I certainly didn’t. Which is why I had black sateen sheets.


But, kittens.

The lengths we went to get some nice, ungodly expensive sheets were, well, ungodly.


It all started at the West Hollywood Restoration Hardware.

I know what you’re thinking.


First World problems!

And you’re right.

But we’d been eyeing these sheets for months and months online, and had told ourselves that we’d get them if we made it out to California. So we sort of had to get them or we’d really have failed ourselves, and we can’t do that, right?


So, we were ready to drop some serious money for some serious bedding.

We walked in and I assumed we’d be attended to.

Not only were we completely snubbed by the headset-wearing, snobbish poseur-employees, but we couldn’t even figure out where in the hell to find the actual bed sheets.

I mean, I get it. These folks work in a nice place. They have a certain clientele they cater to. And I guess tee shirt-wearing guys like us don’t fit that bill.

But you know what? The pregnant lady who came in 50 minutes after us, who kept demanding to see someone about her immediate need for bath towels in some god-awful baby poo brown, shouldn’t trump the two mo’s desperately trying to politely flag down an associate.

This is where Andy’s no-nonsense New York approach totally won out. After he cornered a newbie (bless her heart) and told her that we were about to walk out, and how that might be bad because she’d probably get a really nice commission, we suddenly got helped!

(Y’all, it was like watching a lion go after a baby gazelle. I was so proud!)

Nearly an hour after the absurdity commenced, we walked down this ridiculously dramatic staircase to the register, past an oddly placed iced tea station where one of the flakes that shrugged us off sat sipping and laughing with two coworkers.

What I really wanted to do was slap the tea out of her hand, scream “THAT SHIT AIN’T REAL ICED TEA!” and sashay away.

But I smiled anyway. Because that biznitch didn’t get the sale.

Now, we both had misgivings about dropping substantial money on sheets.

But we did.

And you know what?

They’re totally worth it.

They’re comfy.

They breathe.

They look nice.

They look adult. (Not that kind of ‘adult.’)

And I’m okay with that.

We're so grown up!

Because you have to love what surrounds you.

And since our living space has been downsized by nearly 700 square feet, we definitely have to pick and choose wisely what stays and what gets stored.

So, there you have it.

Love your sheets.

Roll around in them.

Give’em some love.





6 Replies to “Between the Sheets”

  1. Hurry for nice sheets, and for “no-nonsense New York” attitudes! Boo to rude, apathetic employees. Reminds me though of the Office episode with Dwight, when he was snubbed trying to buy a wizard statuette, and got ‘Pretty Woman’-ed (I’m assuming you guys weren’t covered in beet juice though).

    1. YESSssssssss. The Office. LOVE.

      Andy definitely turns on the no-nonsense switch every now and then. I just sit back and watch.

  2. You guys really should contact the store manager; if they’re worth their salt they will want to know about their employees bad customer service. Think of how many people have left because they weren’t appropriately greeted or asked if they required help. If the store mgr is unresponsive move up to the district mgr- they will take action & will probably offer you a future discount or gift certificate for your inconvience & for making them aware. I worked in retail for too many yrs not to know the drill.
    One holiday season I worked at Neiman Marcus in the gift gallery; my coworkers were for the most part not only snobs but sharks- they’d fight over the most affluent looking customers,meaning I got everyone else. No worries,”the less affluent” were usually much nicer! One day a very matronly older lady walked in & was looking at some inexpensive items & I approached her, helped her & she ended up buying quite a lot. My coworkers were furious when they found out this little old lady was none other than Mrs. Pillsbury – yes, of Doughboy/General Mills fame. Never judge a book by its cover! Especially here in CA where that t- shirt wearing guy could work for Apple or Google and be worth a fortune!
    Glad you got your sheets and are enjoying them, they look lovely!

    1. You’ll be glad to know I penned a little note to the store and sent it off. I’m sure I won’t hear back, but who knows! Needless to say, we’re not going to be going back to that location EVER again!

      I definitely made the tee shirt-jeans reference with regard to lax service 😉

  3. Excellent! I hope RH does the right thing and at least acknowledge your letter; my local RH here in NorCal is oddly the opposite- they won’t give you a moments peace. I guess I could look like a shoplifter or a secret shopper,LOL. Anyhow, hope your future shopping is more pleasant!

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